Going into very rural areas this year gave the Hope for Eternity team a deeper recognition of the extreme level of poverty and need in Ethiopia.

Rather than walk 2 hours to obtain water from the river, people in this area have dammed up a ravine and get water from there. This water is used for everything in the community: drinking, bathing, animals drinking, and washing clothes.

As a result, people here are sick with parasites, skin and eye diseases, and other water-borne illnesses and infections, but they have no other sustainable options for obtaining water. 

Since witnessing this in November of 2018, Hope for Eternity has partnered with the Welfare and Development wing of Addis Kidan and the Texas-based nonprofit, Water for All, to commit to drilling 30 family water wells in 3 of the areas we visited: Shufe Gemo, Tuche Denbel, and Tuche Sumayen.

We will continue to update our progress on these wells.