Hope for Eternity provides start-up money to enable individuals to earn a living and feed their families.

Here is a sampling of some of the people we’ve assisted:

  • A woman in Ziway started with a wheelbarrow selling bananas. She now has a very profitable produce business and has funded other start-ups herself. She is a generous giver in the church.
  • A woman in Nazret started a mobile coffee shop, selling wonderful Ethiopian buna (coffee)!
  • Another Ziway woman started her own convenience store selling produce and miscellaneous items.
  • A new believer in Ziway is our newest business owner, having just started a fruit and vegetable business. She is the sole support of her family since her husband divorced her when she became a Christian.
  • A woman in Nazret was a prostitute before coming to know Jesus. Hers was the very first micro-business we funded. She went on to be successful selling produce from her home.