Although education is free in Ethiopia, parents must still buy school uniforms and supplies for their children. Many families, especially single-parent families, can’t afford those supplies, so their children aren’t able to go to school. Sponsorships of $36 a month provide uniforms, supplies, and supplemental food for the family.

Currently, we sponsor several families:

  • A grandmother in Shashemene who cares for her 3 grandchildren
  • A mother in Shashemene living with HIV and her 2 children
  • A mother in Asela with her 2 sons, the older of whom has severe autism
  • A mother in Ziway and her 3 children who were thrown out of their home after she became a Christian
  • A mother in Shashemene whose husband died of AIDS several years ago, followed by her 20-month-old baby’s death from failure to thrive

Right now, we are seeking sponsorship for a 10-year-old girl whose parents were killed in an accident. She is living with her uncle and attending Hope for Eternity’s adult literacy class in Ziway because she wants to learn. Her uncle can’t afford to send her to school, so we are looking for a sponsor for her.